Corporate Profile


We are striving for a clear leadership position with our products and services in our market segments based on organizational and operational excellence.


Our ongoing commitment to customer oriented, technical innovations and research and development throughout the organization as well as to the highest quality and safety is our shared responsibility.


We see our products as the result of our passion to creativity and perfection in our core competences The longstanding partnership with our customers and their satisfaction and confidence in us are the foundations for our success. Through our actively practiced, open and trusting corporate culture as well as our ongoing training and education, our family enterprise is a motivated, energetic, flexible and competent team.


Responding to customer needs through innovative product design, quality manufacturing and excellent value is, and always has been, the primary focus at PEE KAY. By maintaining this service-oriented perspective, PEE KAY has become a reliable supplier of Shuttering Plates (all types), Cup Locks Systems, Props, Cribs, Girders, Planks, Couplers, Joint Pins, Acrow-spans, Strip-Head Jacks, Base Plates, Pipes and Channels etc. to construction industry.

While the company has enjoyed tremendous growth since 1987, an entrepreneurial spirit continues to influence our operations and is reflected in the flexibility that has been a PEE KAY hallmark from the beginning. With our broad manufacturing capability, we remain responsive to ever-changing requirements and can readily modify standard products or produce custom solutions to better serve the needs of our customers.

How our customers feel about our products is extremely important, but equally significant is the total experience they have when working with us. We want every customer to know that they are highly valued and appreciated and will do whatever it takes to ensure the process of doing business with PEE KAY is as easy, and satisfying, as possible. Developing and maintaining customer relationships through this personalized attention and service is our highest priority. With a corporate and manufacturing facility located in Panchkula, Hyderabad as well as representation in across most major metropolitan areas, PEE KAY is well positioned to fully support Industry and project throughout the country.

Key benefits

  • High-quality precision finish
  • Specialised labour not required
  • Simple system with minimum number of elements
  • Fast assembly
  • High productivity
  • Homogeneous, even surfaces
  • Saving in the cost of finishing trades
  • Long-lasting equipment (over 300 uses)
  • Low cost
  • Versatile system due to the variety of panel sizes, adjustable to any design
  • Available for hire, minimising capital investment
  • Time saving
  • Quality products
  • Reduced labour costs